As Sage Report Developers, we have the tools, the innovation, the diligence and the experience in providing construction & real estate companies with precise and accurate data reporting services.

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We enhance your operational efficiency and increase your bottom line with the help of Sage 300 CRE. We provide the technical expertise and some of the best developers who have the experience and the skill to create Sage 300 CRE reports. Xtramile Soft can significantly help you make quicker decisions, boost operational capacity, and eliminate downtime by recruiting skilled managers who can interpret data for advanced decision making. We have a flexible and highly affordable data reporting that can compile plans with turnkey demand. Our team of experts comprise highly skilled, industrial professionals that can guarantee a timely delivery of your Sage reports.

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Construction & Real Estate

For our clients in the construction business and the real estate industry – and those who would like to incorporate an efficient and highly effective utilization of Sage 300 CRE in all operations, we at Xtramile Soft can provide you with superior customer and technical support. We have all the tech and diligence required to create highly proficient Sage reports while specifically focusing on making life easy for our clients. Our custom reporting procedures and the level of detail will help you to make your business decisions 50%+ faster!

We help business organizations and enterprises build, customize and modify comprehensive technical and financial reports, delivering the report within the designated time-frame for added convenience.

Our report options range from Payroll Reports, Purchase Order Reports, Job Costing Reports, Subcontract management reports, Property Management Reports to Lease Management Reports.

We are renowned for providing a broad category of IT and technical services – catering to a number of industries in the US. Schedule a free consultation today to get started.

Financial Officer Reports

Financial managers in the construction industry have a variety of problems like problems with finding the right accounts payable details, difficulty finding the right miscellaneous information, and not having the time to put it all together for an invoice. At Xtramile Soft we offer you the Sage Construction and Real Estate suite of data management software that can cut through the hours of time spent of analyzing, compiling, and putting together a report.


Project Manager Reports

At Xtramile Soft we offer the Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate suite of data management software to increase efficiency and productivity for busy project managers who need to keep up with cost codes, job costs, lien wavers, job performance and more.


Human Resource Manager Reports

You need hourly rates, total amounts paid, fringes, deduction, net amounts, and gross amounts for each of the company’s employees, and don’t have time to analyze and put it all together? From Xtramile Soft, we recommend the Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate suite of data management software, which can aid human resource managers through quick, easy access to the data so that they can cut through hours of drilling through data to get that report done on time.


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