XMS Punch Out


Enhance Acumatica Services with XMS Punch Out

XtraMile Soft has a team with sublime competency in Acumatica services – back to front and beyond. We understand that there are always challenges tailored to each business, and we consistently seek to solve them. Our developers are consistently seeking methods in which to streamline workflow through the application.

We are proud to introduce our revolutionary new feature to the Acumatica platform – ‘XMS Punch Out.’ The add-on assists with various business ambitions – increasing productivity, eliminating double entries, and minimizing the potential for errors when creating purchase orders. No more will users have to concern themselves with the trivial details of vendor management.


What is XMS Punch Out?

XMS Punch Out is a unique feature created by our developers to improve upon the already functional Acumatica systems. The application adds a tab to the vendor screen to facilitate communication between the user and the customer, requesting informational fields to speed up the purchase order process.

flexible purchase orders and requisitions with haste. The application aims to match the modern-day business speed and make customer communique seamless, enhancing your organizational operations. XMS Punch Out is a must-have feature for Acumatica.

The Ultimate Tool to Streamline Your Business

Our passions lie in getting the best out of your business operations. Like many businesses, we have disdain for the more trivial and mundane aspects of data entry and vendor management. The growing number of clients in your repertoire may be challenging to manage, consistently having to input details manually.

XtraMileSoft worked tirelessly to build the ultimate solution to streamlining input fields against the growing number of daily tasks. XMS Punch Out works by its namesake – it punches out the need for human application. Where purchase orders and requisitions were once prone to error – the feature dissolves those concerns completely.


Why Should I Add XMS Punch Out To Acumatica?

Acumatica is one of the most adaptable and customizable ERP systems on the market. The abilities to effectively manage your daily operations and client communication are remarkable. Where there is nearly boundless functionality for your business – comes many options that may overwhelm the interface. Data entry becomes complex where there is much flexibility.

XMS Punch Out reduces the elongated focus involved with vendor details with a simple tick of a box. When both parties agree to the feature – your POs and requisitions become a few clicks – as opposed to thousands of taps on the keyboard. Time, money, and frustration are all saved with the quick addition of XMS Punch Out to the platform.


How Does XMS Punch Out Work?

XtraMile Soft ensures clients that our features are easy to implement and synchronize seamlessly with existing Acumatica software. The premise of our XMS Punch Out add-on is to enhance exchanges between vendors and clients. It reduces the need for frivolous details. The application will require only a few user actions to optimize business operations.


As Easy As Ticking a Box

Creating a vendor in Acumatica presents the user with the new XMS Punch Out feature. All users will need to action is clicking the ‘Punch Out Vendor’ box to unlock a wealth of settings, customizability, and optimization protocols for their clients. Information will only need to be filled once for purchase orders and requisitions.


Safe and Secure with Verification

Safety, security, and protection of information are of utmost priority. Once a vendor has created under the ‘Punch Out’ feature – customers will be propped to fill out detail fields, approving themselves as a ‘Punch Out Vendor.’ After completion, the customer becomes ‘Verified,’ creating a secure connection between the two nodes.


Fast Purchase Orders and Requisitions

Once all the details have been filled out and approved between vendors and customers. Future purchase orders and requisitions will complete with a few mere clicks. Any details can swiftly update should there be any changes, and communication becomes seamless in performing the actions.


The Benefits of XMS Punch Out

XMS Punch Out refreshes and rejuvenates the Acumatica platform in removing the hassles and concerns of manual data input. Time is less spent, errors reduced, and double orders minimize. The feature builds a safer and more effective environment to conduct your daily business operations – all with a few clicks. Setup is easy – and the wealth of flexibility and customizability bring the best of the Acumatica platform into fruition. XtraMile Soft is available to guide the features users through the entire process, ensuring a business is streamlined and ready to face growth challenges. Contact us now to discuss implementing the application into your systems.


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