Enterprises of all sizes are moving to outsourcing IT requirements for good reasons. Lower Cost, Faster Turnaround, On Demand access to Latest Technology and greater Return on Investment.XTRAMILE SOFT delivers all of the above and more.

XTRAMILE SOFT’s next generation business model employs very talented and proactive thinking tech consultants. Our success has been constantly growing because we capitalize on human capital, intellectual properties and inspire those who collaborate with us to excel.

As an emerging technology provider to Fortune 500 companies and emerging small businesses, we are able to stay ahead of the curve and invest our resources in the latest technological solutions, mobile application products and cloud services. We strive to provide cutting edge applications to our client challenges.

Whether our clients are going through installation, configuration of the system, developing their network infrastructure or facing operational issues, Xtramile Soft ensures smooth integration of CMiC technology into your processes and systems.

Put XTRAMILE SOFT 24 years of combined staff experience in Supply Chain Technology, Demand Planning, Manufacturing Processes, R12 Implementation, support and development of business initiatives to work for you.

We offer on site staffing and consulting to firms such as but not limited to Global Pundits, SCDOI, GILBANE, SABIC IP (EUR, US, APAC and Pshapes).

XTRAMILE SOFT’s principal office is located in Charlotte NC, USA with an additional secured off shore centre in Hyderabad, India.

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