Our Data Migration Services can help your organization

Is your organization going through a merger and acquisition? Do you need business optimization, reorganization or data migration services to address major upgrades, regulatory requirements, responding to new markets or a competitive threat?

A well-defined planning and evaluation process can positively impact your bottom line!

XTRAMILE SOFT’s custom solutions to provide data migration services from legacy systems to ERP systems have been effective and more cost efficient than most vendors. Our software migration and porting services help re-evaluate business needs of our clients with significant cost implications.

XTRAMILE SOFT’s track record in orchestrating and managing large data migration services are highly scalable and performance driven to achieve efficiency, speed and accuracy. We have expertise in analyzing, defining source, and target solutions. We perform field mapping and define the migration process with proper validation and documentation to free up human resources. This has had real potential to show ROI.

The need to transfer and convert data can be driven by multiple business requirements and the approach taken depends on those requirements.

XTRAMILE SOFT’s capability to understand and address these challenges is vital to enhance functional flexibility and architectural differences.


CMiC Data Migration Services

Moving out or into CMiC or other Accounting or PM software? We can help you get data out of CMiC in the format you want. We have experience in getting data out of CMiC quickly and create a process which can be used for your multiple iterations. We can help you map the new data format or give you the data in the format you mapped. It is tricky when you are merging as master data can be duplicated so making sure that your transactions and related data reflects the same.


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