Better Construction Software

Staying on time and on budget is easier said than done—especially in the construction industry. Thankfully, there are tools at your disposal that can make it far easier to stay on time and on budget while providing the quality construction work your company is known for.

Tailoring Your Construction Software to Your Business
Save Time and Money by Managing Budgets, Finances, and Communication

CMiC software helps you stay on top of finances by monitoring and changing project budgets in real time, wherever you are. This gives you an accurate idea of the true costs of a project and helps you improve customer satisfaction. You can enter and approve change orders, compare bids, and monitor your time and costs. In addition, you can get a comprehensive picture of financial health, enable automatic entries for transactions, manage compliance, and more.

All stakeholders can access project communications in one place so that nothing is lost. This can include emails, meeting minutes, updated project plans, and more. You’ll drastically lower the chance of miscommunication and mistakes, and you can serve your customers with a higher level of transparency. When vendors and customers feel that communication is strong, they’re likely to have a more positive view of your business.

This is all great! But many times, it isn’t enough. You can make CMiC work even better for your business with custom solutions.

Enhancing CMiC Capabilities with Custom Solutions
Get Valuable Custom Reporting, Mobile Dashboards, and More

Many construction companies find that CMiC has some gaps when it comes to meaningful reporting capabilities. That is why Xtramile Soft provides on-demand Jasper Report development, a system that generates reports on a vast array of data fields—from job costs and revenue reports to change orders, project summaries, payroll summaries, and more.

These reports can fill in the gaps where CMiC is lacking. Here are a few of the custom reports available through Xtramile Soft that you won’t get with your standard CMiC software:

• Job Costing Earned Revenue Over Time

• Employee 401K Discrepancy Report

• 401K EE Deduction/Loan Report

• Commitment Detail Report

• Modification Log

• Potential Change Order Log

• Project Summary Report by Company

• Payroll Summary Report by GL Accounts

• 2-Month WIP Report

• Monthly Gross Margin

• Holds and Allowances Tracking Log

• Daily Journal - Vendor Hourly Report

• AP Apply to SC Report

• And many more reports

Enhanced reporting lets you uncover opportunities and stay on top of potential problems so you can stay on time and budget. Better data leads to better decision making, and this can help you increase profits and grow your construction business!

R12 Upgrade Help

We are well equipped to help you with many of the tasks to move forward with your upgrade. We can convert your oracle reports and screens to Jasper and ADF respectively. This will give you much better chances of migrating to future versions of the CMIC beyond R12. We can build the business logic changes to accommodate your needs. Our team of experts who can help build the DB structure and screens to accommodate the need.

CMIC Level 1 Support

Staff turnover has been the major challenge for in house support staff to support CMIC users. Losing valuable knowledgeable resource is tough to fill. We as a team handle the support cases coming from users. This gives you an edge to maintain the knowledge with in a team and make sure continuity of the business with no issues. We can be available either on demand or on retainer basis. Our goal is to be the go to company for any CMIC help. May it be user training, Implementation, Support and Development.

Contact us today to get your free consultation, and feel free to ask questions. Sample reports are available upon request. We look forward to working with you on your custom CMiC solution!


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