Why All Construction Companies Should Use Cloud-Based CMiC Software

The cloud isn’t only transforming how people watch movies, listen to music, and store their emails. It’s also changing many industries—construction included. In contrast to having all your data and software on-premises, cloud software offers many benefits, including:

Easier communication between team members, managers, subcontractors, partners, etc

• Seamless, instant transfer of information that can be accessed anywhere by relevant people

Connected data despite having projects and crews in many locations

Highly secure servers that protect your information

Quick setup and effortless software upgrades

• Virtually no limit to the amount of data that can be stored

Before we get further into the benefits of the cloud for the construction industry, let’s discuss construction software.

How Can Custom CMiC Solutions Help Me?

Often, older construction software solutions fall short. If this is the case, you may need to upgrade. With a good construction software solution for your business, like CMiC, you’ll be able to easily monitor projects, collaborate easily, stay on top of financials, and more—all in one place.

But what if CMiC falls short? Thankfully, there are custom solutions available, including easy-to-use mobile dashboards, highly customized report development, easy-to-use CMiC issue resolution, custom module development, integration with third-party software, and more. These custom solutions can help you incorporate CMiC more smoothly.

The Benefits of the Cloud in Construction

An on-premises, desktop software solution simply does not make sense for construction companies. Even if you have full-time office staff, there will always be a disconnect between the various parts of your team unless you have an effective way of sharing information in real time.

With the cloud, it’s possible to communicate instantly—and not just by text or phone call. Team members can update documents wherever they are, and if changes are made, other stakeholders can be notified instantly. Communication can be far more organized and easier to access with cloud-based management software.

We know that protecting you company’s data is a top priority. Cloud servers are safeguarded to protect your information. They’re often much safer than a paper-based solution or desktop storage that can be lost if your computer breaks. And, cloud storage is very easy to set up and integrate with your current solutions.

Xtramile Soft CMiC Software

As experts in custom software solutions, Xtramile Soft provides custom CMiC solutions with easy-to-use dashboards, in-depth report generation, third-party integration, and much more. And, you can generate custom reports on any number of data fields—for example, project summaries, revenue reports, job costs, or payroll summaries—with the help of our on-demand Jasper Report development

With Xtramile Soft, you can easily and affordably integrate CMiC software into your processes and systems in a short amount of time. We’re always here to help you if you run into issues. And, of course, our cloud-based systems will make sure you’re always up to date.

Contact us today to get your free consultation, and feel free to ask questions. Sample reports are available upon request. We look forward to working with you on your custom CMiC solution!


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