Automate Your PO Workflow Process With ApproveIT


At ApproveIT, we know that scaling a process is difficult when there is a need for more hands to touch every piece of paper. When the stack grows things get lost between the cracks. When your accounting or accounts receivable department starts to get overloaded you can start to get behind. This means late or lost delivers, which means lost profits, and even worse, a lost reputation.

To counter the lost opportunities of an inefficient system workflow process automation helps standardize the process so that each item or process is completed in a systematic manner. No orders get lost and all purchase orders get approved, paid, and delivered. Normally, before the digital age this would have been through a surnaming process with physical department or office delivers of the paperwork. However, we live in the golden age of digital development.

ApproveIT is one of the leaders in digital development of the design, execution, and automation of your pre-defined human data tracking tasks. Optimize your pre-defined business rules with an adaptive data management system that can track purchase orders (POs) from start to finish.

What Does ApproveIT’s Solution Do?


ApproveIT’s automate workflow process solution works with budget setting processes. It tracks POs and approvals for Small to medium businesses with multiple departments and branches. Small to medium business can automate purchasing and also set up budget and track the same. This includes:

  • Department wide budget set up.
  • Create Purchase Order.
  • Approve, Reject, Forward and Park PO
  • Edit PO before approval
  • Send PO to Vendor
  • Setting up a budget
  • Invoicing Options

What Are The Benefits Of Work Flow Automation?

Streamline Communication

Each task is registered to a chain of process. Because it is internally liked to a set of rules there is a structure of communication and routing that happens instantaneously upon adoption and implementation of the specific task of the responsibly party. No need for each person to walk or email the document to the next person in line. It happens seamlessly on the backend.

Create Internal Accountability

The process is transparent. You can track where it is, when it got there, and what the deadlines are now and into the future. Everyone that is part of the system knows how the tasks are tracked allowing for better understanding of priorities, timelines, and individual workloads.

Increases Accuracy And Reduces Error Costs

Digital entries are harder to mistake. They are also easier to fix. Any entry that was made can be checked and double-checked for accuracy and consistency with prior POs or project or vender needs. Built-in internal guidelines can identify errors helping avoid mistakes from being overlooked or approved without notice.

Empower Employees And Management With The Right Tools

A more informed employee is a better-managed employee. With the process completely digital there is no need to continually ask for updates. The manager can oversee the process without having to interrupt the employee’s time. The employee is able to proceed under their own power with full accountability of the process.

Overall Time And Money Efficiencies

Faster communication and routing, real-time error checking and modification, and complete transparency, all of these led to higher levels of efficiency. Higher levels of efficiency means more money in the business’s bottom line, happier clients, and an impressed board.

Design The PO Tracking Process

Optimized Process Routing

At ApproveIT we focus the workflow process automation on the unique needs of each company or office, regardless of the size. We recognize that there is no cookie cutter solution for every situation even in the same industry.

Priority Tracking

With multiple POs at any given time, priorities can be assigned and tracked in real-time and overrides can be put in place by management. This will allow for a great flexibility in the system and more positive benefits for all of the parties involved.

Cross Company Standardizations

Transparent processes in the system give structure to the framework that can be easily replicated and implemented company-wide. Employees can easily interact with different departments due to the similarities in the workflow and language that crosses topics.

Execute The Efficiencies Through Workforce Talent

Power To The People

When you automate the workflow process you empower your talent to take control of the work product. With real-time management they are able to identify timelines, stick to schedules, problem solve errors, and pre-emptively stop issues from ever evolving into delays and money wasted. When you develop an automated digital workflow process you give the transparent power of success to your workforce talent. They take ownership in their own and their teams’ success.

Real-Time Help

With an automated workflow process you can easily set benchmarks and checkpoints that flag issues and problems to the people that manage exactly those items. There is no need for internal recognition. The notification is instant and automatic. The problem solving is that much faster, that much more efficient, and back on track before there is significant down time.

Automate Your Efficiencies And Transform Your Process

Real Time And Adaptive Management

Real-time and adaptive management means that you can always monitor each and every step of every PO that is created, file, approved, and sent to any department or responsible party. If the process is becoming clumsy, fix it. If the process is too slow, speed it up. If the process needs extra steps, pause the process and manage the flow accordingly. Adaptive management allows you to mold the form of the final product without having to start all over again each time a new iteration happens.

Responsive Design Modification

There are always unique situations in life. The same exists for businesses as well. No workflow management system can be canned and used for another workflow. The creation process must recognize the importance and significance of each step. Each step is important to the purchase order, to the account, to the client, and to company. Weight and priority must be unique and critically understood to fully integrate the goals of the company in to the digital process.

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