Acumatica is your company’s complete ERP solution. A powerful cloud-based tool. Acumatica provides a rich, tailored approach to your accounting, inventory management, and CRM needs. Its adaptability across all mobile platforms provides you with the tools and resources you need to maintain all aspects of business and project management.

Our teams are highly qualified to deploy Acumatica utility functions and provide the following services.


System Administration

Our teams hold certifications across myriad Acumatica modules. We hold a wealth of knowledge to get your systems up to par according to your company’s individual needs.

Some of the Acumatica services we provide are:

  • Installation of the Acumatica ERP.
  • Deployment of application instances.
  • Configurement of the databases.
  • Customizing enabled and disabled features and publishing features.
  • Accessibility customization for roles of its users and establishing passwords protections.

Business Logic Customization

We understand that every business in the construction and real estate industries faces challenges unique to their enterprises and businesses. We provide a customized user experience for all users, including:

  • Internal customization to allocate modules specific to your teams and their reporting and accessibility needs.
  • End-user customization for specifying accessibility and reports according to each individual customer where needed.
  • Module customization that can be added to the existing system.And more…

Data Import/Export

Acumatica supports a data import and export system designed to streamline and at times automate the act of inputting and recalling new reporting information. We can create a series of commands in the Acumatica system that reconstructs the actions required to manually input data. This customized import and export system saves you time and increases the accuracy and precision of information present in the system.


Dashboards and Generic Inquiries

Acumatica is designed to provide accessibility to users in various roles. We provide dashboards tailored to assigned roles in Acumatica to offer a quick visual reference with interactive widgets. The dashboards provide quick and easy access to many types of information pulled from multiple sources, like Acumatica ERP forms, articles, event calendars and more. The interface is mobile friendly as well, providing on-the-go information to end users and teams in the field.


Historical Data Maintenance

Acumatica is backed by a team of knowledgeable professionals well-equipped to integrate historical data from myriad sources into your new Acumatica system. Our teams will work with you to integrate and maintain data stored in legacy system in the following ways:

  • Load historical data in your Acumatica system.
  • Provide availability to historical data in your inquiry screens.
  • Build format-honoring processes to load historical data without losing its original functionality and accuracy. And more…

We understand the importance of maintaining thorough historical documentation and ensure that you keep all of your historical data and information as you move forward in your endeavors.


Report Services

Acumatica supports the creation of custom reporting implementation tailored to your company’s needs. We can create and configure custom reports and sub-user reports for publishing, including but not limited to:

  • Open documents.
  • Conditional and unconditional lien waivers.
  • Billing summaries.
  • Project work-in-progress reports.
  • Audits. And more…

We understand the importance of maintaining thorough historical documentation and ensure that you keep all of your historical data and information as you move forward in your endeavors.


Mobile App Configuration

The Acumatica mobile app is available for use on both Android and iOs devices, providing real-time access to a wealth of information for your users in the field to submit expenses and manage work documents. The mobile app provides real time updates and automatically synchronizes across all platforms to guarantee the accuracy of information provided to all users at all times.


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